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Get Set is the perfect place to look for Birthday party hire in Taupo

We have a wide range of items available for hire for your birthday event, from table and chair hire to marquees and lighting. We can also provide cake stands, lighting, and fog machines. Get Set is the one-stop shop for all your party hire needs. We can even help you with the planning and execution of your event.
So if you’re looking for a birthday party hire in Taupo, look no further than Get Set!

Why Hire A Marquee for your Big Birthday?

Marquee hire is a great way to create an impressive and memorable Birthday event. Our Marquees at Get Set come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you’re sure to find one that will suit your Birthday Party Event perfectly. If you’re looking for a sleek and modern marquee for a 21st, then a clear-span marquee would be ideal. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more traditional for a 50th, then a frame marquee would be more suitable. No matter what your birthday event requirements are, there’s sure to be a marquee that will meet them all. So why not consider hiring a marquee for your next Milestone party from Get Set Event Hire Taupo?

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Birthday Balloons For Your Milestone Event!

Get Set Event Hire Taupo offers a wide range of birthday balloons to make your special day even more memorable. We have every colour you can imagine, from classic red and blue to fun and vibrant pink and purple. We also offer a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect balloon for your event. Whether you’re looking for a single balloon to tie to the birthday child’s chair or a giant bouquet to fill the room, we have what you need. And because we understand that not everyone is the same, we offer a range of pricing options to suit every budget. So if you’re looking for the perfect way to add some extra excitement to your birthday party, get set event hire Taupo is the place to go.

Our Balloons

Birthday Dance Floor Lighting

Choose your Birthday Lighting with Get Set. We have festoon lighting and flood lighting for your outdoor birthday bash. Fairy light walls for intimate birthday dinners, laser party dance lights, and disco balls for the ABBA dance bashes of the birthday party world. Lighting decorates your venue and creates an ambience perfect for your guests to get into that celebratory mood.

Our Lighting

Make An Exciting Entrance With A Red Carpet!

Whether you are turning 21 or 50, a red carpet entrance is a stunning way to create drama and the all-important ingredient to any decent Birthday bash, wow factor. Get Set Event Hire has the traditional old hollywood glamour red carpet, or a more valentine fuschia, pristine white or black tie black to fulfil your party entrance needs. To make it even more special why not add a balloon art archway or set of pillars to make for an even more dramatic photo op as you walk in the front door to your guests. Your guests will feel like Hollywood celebrities as they stroll down the red carpet into your venue. And with our range of colours, we can match any tone or theme. So get in touch with Get Set Event Hire today and let us help you create a red carpet experience for your guests to remember!

Our Red Carpet Options

Let Us make your Birthday photos amazing with stunning Backdrops

When planning an event, it’s important to create a space that is both visually appealing and conducive to taking great photographs. A backdrop can play a major role in achieving this goal. Whether you’re looking for a festive birthday backdrop with tiled gold sequins or a more classical foliage wall, Get Set has an option for every event. Our backdrops are professionally installed and are sure to make your event photos stand out on your socials. Don’t settle for anything less than spectacular.

Birthday Backdrops

So You’re Planning A Birthday Party?

Get Set Event Hire can help make it extra special! We have all the birthday event hire equipment you need, from tables and chairs to birthday banners and balloons. Plus, we offer delivery and set-up services to make your life easier. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and let us help make your birthday party one to remember!