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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy here at Get Set Event Hire Taupo - Events, Weddings, Marquees, Balloons & All things Party!! We have every conceivable product and balloon to make your event a hit.

Definitions: GET SET EVENT HIRE refers to the owner of the goods and the provider of associated services. The Hirer refers to the customer of GET SET EVENT HIRE and to the person, Company or individual that ordered the goods and/or services.

Liability:  The hirer shall be liable to the Owner for any damage caused to items, as a result of the breech of, or non-compliance to, any of the terms & conditions of this agreement.  The Hirer is responsible for all hire items for the duration of the hire period.  Damage includes but is not limited to wax residue, cigarette burns, non-removable stains and irreparable damages.  Damage or loss of any hire items will be charged at full replacement cost

Owner Liability: GET SET EVENT HIRE accepts no liability whatsoever in respect of third party and similar risks or for personal injury or for consequential damage or loss.

Hire Period: The hire period is from the time the equipment leaves the owners possession.  No allowance can be made for time when equipment is not in use.  The standard hire period is a maximum of 5 days, unless otherwise stated.

Afterhours Labour and Travel:  GET SET EVENT HIRE are available for delivery, installation, pack down and collection Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am-5pm.  If your event requires assistance outside of these hours an afterhours charge will be incurred.

Deposits and Payment: Full payment is required before items are either picked up by the Hirer or delivered by GET SET EVENT HIRE. 20% Non-Refundable Deposits must be received by GET SET EVENT HIRE upon acceptance of the Hire Contract.  Where GET SET EVENT HIRE is not in receipt of a deposit (or company order), Get Set Event Hire  shall be entitled to re-hire the goods WITHOUT notification to the Hirer and to cancel the Hirer’s contract WITHOUT notification.

It is agreed that GET SET EVENT HIRE may always reserve the right to insist that hiring and other charges including bonds be received in full before the goods leave the premises of GET SET EVENT HIRE.  In circumstances where such payment is not made it is agreed further, that notwithstanding refusal to deliver, or supply, the Hirer shall be chargeable in respect of all the hire charges.

Refunds of Bonds may be made by GET SET EVENT HIRE up to 1 week after the goods have been returned to GET SET EVENT HIRE.  In the event that the Hirer does not make full payment of items, they shall be referred to our collection agency Baycorp, and any additional fees incurred will be payable by the Hirer.

Ordering-Alteration-Cancellation: It is expressly stipulated and agreed that any verbal or telephone communication of an order, and alteration, or cancellation is at the Hirer’s risk.  Hirer’s are urged to cancel in writing and to seek written confirmation of orders and alterations.

Delivery and Possession: It is expressly stipulated and agreed that any carrier or any other person uplifting the goods from GET SET EVENT HIRE is the agent for the Hirer, and that the Hirer will be bound to acceptance of the goods, and these conditions by the action of that agent or agents.  Payment of deposit, or acceptance of the goods or signature on receipt shall be deemed acceptance of these conditions.

Care of Equipment and Breakdowns: The Hirer shall take proper care of the equipment and shall indemnify the owner against any damage or loss or from theft.  The Hirer must reimburse the owner in full for any damage or loss immediately upon termination of hire.  The Hirer warrants that he is competent and qualified to use the equipment in the way or which it is designed.  Breakdown resulting from misuse shall not in any circumstances shorten the period of hire.  It is the Hirers responsibility to satisfy himself that the equipment is suitable for the work intended and that it is used in a way that complies with all statutory requirements.  The equipment does not purport to be new stock or equal to new, but when sent out all items are understood to be in good condition and fit for normal use.  The Owner is not liable for any loss suffered by the Hirer or liability incurred by the Hirer as a result of the breakdown of the equipment howsoever caused.  In the event of a breakdown the Hirer must immediately notify the Owner by telephone.

Non-Supply: The Owner will endeavour to supply equipment as ordered but will not accept responsibility for non-delivery, delay in delivery or inability to supply equipment when required.  Where the Owner is unable to supply a product or service quoted for, an alternative product will be sought, or a refund will be provided after consultation with the Hirer.

Property Rights: All equipment remains the property of GET SET EVENT HIRE. The hirer is responsible to keep the equipment in his own possession and control.  All items are provided on a hire basis, unless otherwise stated.  Sub Hire of Equipment:  Equipment must not be re-hired or loaned by the Hirer to a third party without the Owner’s consent.

Photography:  GET SET EVENT HIRE reserves the right to take images of your Event setup, which are to be used for promotional and marketing purposes.  Please advise GET SET EVENT HIRE in advance if you do not wish for photos to be used publicly.

Extension:  If the hirer wishes to extend the period of hire, the hirer shall request an extension of the hire period from the Owner at least one day before the hire period expires.  The Owner cannot guarantee an extension of the hire period, although every effort will be made to accommodate the Hirer’s requirements.

Acknowledgement: The hirer and any representative of the hirer who have taken possession of hire equipment are deemed to have read and understood the Terms & Conditions in the agreement.